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Coral Gables Senior High School


May 3rd – 5th 2013.

How wonderful it was to meet with our classmates in the heart of Coral Gables where we grew up.   We were about 10 years old when the city fathers made up that name Miracle Mile for the shopping/downtown part of Coral Way.  Most of the buildings along Miracle Mile are the same but looming behind them are high-rise everything—like the Colonnade Hotel where we had our reunion.  The Colonnade Hotel, at the intersection of Ponce and Miracle Mile, was the first to rise above and behind a business on Coral Way/Miracle Mile rising over the Florida National Bank Building.  

Over the three day reunion event we visited with approximately 65 classmates from our class plus 4 from the class of ’57, about 25 from the class of ’59, and even a few from the classes of ‘54, ’60, ‘61, and ’62, some of whom were among the 45 spouses who attended.  We socialized in the hotel’s hospitality room, at the yacht club in Coconut Grove and in the Colonnade’s banquet room.  A ‘58 Class group photo was taken of those present before the Saturday night banquet.  While some were not able to attend all functions, there was quality time to re-connect and enjoy each other’s company.

Because of the organization required and expense of a formal reunion in a first class hotel, the committee announced that this would be our last big reunion.  However, many have expressed a desire to have another mini-reunion in the Orlando area.  Tentative mini-reunion plans are for a 75th birthday party which would be some time in 2015.  Please keep your contact information current so we can let you know if when and where.  

As these years go on and we get older, the inevitable looms before us.  It seems we have always been the young ones with our lives before us.  How did this happen?  Hmmm!  Guess it was because we are the fortunate ones who have made it thus far!  We continue this wonderful journey called life, recognizing the frailness of life, mourning those who have gone before us and treasuring our memories of our wonderful world of growing up in Miami. 

See the 55th Reunion link for photos of the event.


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